All product is Swiss made by MOTOREX, a technology and performance driven company with onsite development laboratories and production facilities. MOTOREX builds race products exclusively for professional and factory race teams worldwide who demand only the best quality products. Consumer products use only the highest quality components originating directly from the formulas used by the partnering race teams. Swiss quality.


Our most successful products are top-quality, synthetic products. These high-end products are fully synthetic, PAO and Ester-based racing oils made for the most extreme race applications. MOTOREX is race proven, high performance quality.


  • MOTOREX high performance 4T engine oils are JASO tested and licensed.
  • By testing and licensing 4T engine oils, MOTOREX guarantees the MA2 performance.
  • Without the JASO symbol and certification number, an oil is not truly licensed.


    Oil Change Cost Analysis

    A high-quality, fully synthetic; PAO and Ester based oil, like Motorex Cross Power, is developed to provide 10+ hour oil change intervals as stated by the motorcycle manufacturer. As you’re looking at how much an oil change costs, don’t let the lower price of an “economical” oil give you the false sense of security that it saves money.

    Let’s see how the all too common statement, “I just run the cheap stuff and change it often,” actually adds up.


    Find the right fluid for your ride